Magnolia Scholarships

Magnolia is proud to offer a scholarship fund that benefits lower income families and the BIPOC Community.   This scholarship increases access for children from these communities to experience the lifelong benefits of outdoor, play-based learning at our school.

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Your gift makes a difference

2024 Polar Bear Plunge! Wow! We are blown away by this year's participation! HUGE thank you to everyone who donated and plunged. We had 2 plunges this year with a total of 55 people plunging and 163 donations! Together we raised over $15,000 for scholarships! We blew our goal out of the water!!

That means we can nearly double the amount of scholarships offered to low income and BIPOC children, who may not otherwise be able to attend. AMAZING!

Thank you to everyone who contributed in large, small, practical and brave ways. Every effort made a BIG difference!

Magnolia's Natural Childlife Preserve

Our school runs on the belief that children are drawn to experience, to learning, to each other. We see it as our responsibility to create an environment where each child can reach out for life and touch it, wallow in it, tinker with it, interpret it, and express it. This is an exhilarating journey that needs your support.

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Polar Bear Plunge

We did it!!! 35 plungers, 80+ people joined the party, and $9,300 raised! Families from every campus were represented at our very first Polar Bear Plunge. THANK YOU to everyone who donated their time, money, and resources. This was a huge 1st for us, and we’re thrilled to begin this new school tradition.

Magnolia Merch Funds Scholarships

Check out our school merch! All proceeds fund our scholarships for the next school year. You can fund something for every size and season. We've even got Polar Bear Plunge merch available. Thank you for your support and let us know if you'd like to see something special in the merch store in the future. We love requests! Our school merch is produced by Skyhawk Press, a local and eco-friendly print shop in Poulsbo, WA. Shop local!

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