Outdoor learning options are needed now more than ever before.

If you are launching an outdoor learning program and need some advice to get you started, we are here for you. Bring your questions and gain practical knowledge about how to build a thriving community of outdoor learners. To schedule a complimentary zoom introduction to discuss your needs, reach out to Brandyn,

In our commitment to anti-racism and equity in nature based education, consulting scholarships are available for persons of color and educators serving systemically underprivileged communities.

Distance Consulting - Single Session

During this 30-minute session, we will get to know your goals for outdoor learning and determine how we can best help you.


Distance Consulting - Three Sessions

During these sessions, we will address practical questions school directors often have when starting and sustaining outdoor programs. In addition to covering practical topics, this package (three 1-hr sessions) gives time to explore Magnolia’s educational philosophy, our play-based, outdoor, learning model.


Onsite Consulting - Single Session

During this 2-hr visit on your educational site, we will discuss practical and philosophical means of implementing a play-based, outdoor, learning experience for your school.


Full Immersion - Week at a Magnolia Campus

We invite you to come spend a week at one of our Magnolia campuses. You will be immersed in the Magnolia philosophy and be able to experience our forest school "in action." We will structure in time with Jenny and Brandyn to discuss practical and philosophical topics that are of interest to you, as well as time for reflection and discussion on what you've observed each day. An initial introduction meeting and application is required prior to booking this full immersion week. Scholarships available for persons of color and educators serving underprivileged communities.


"The world of forest and nature schools is quite new in Washington State, and it can be a challenge to put all the right pieces together for a robust program.  Magnolia Forest Preschool is an incredible place to gain the skills needed in order to set up a program that's both true to popular forest school methods, and also unique to traditional classroom management practices.  Once you immerse yourself in a Magnolia classroom, you'll learn that there is more to setting up a forest school than letting kids run around in the woods.  I learned to spot intentional practices designed to support young learners not just in the wilderness, but in their little lives, as well. Observing Magnolia students in their learning environments helped me be able to better explain to my own clients what the untrained eye might miss about forest school kids.  I also gained invaluable knowledge about the small world of forest school business ownership.  Being able to come to someone who has been in the business for a while, and has the experience of not only starting one, but SEVEN successful forest school campuses, is an experience every starting forest school owner should have. Brandyn was able to answer my very long list of questions and concerns, rather than me having to spend countless hours researching every aspect of a preschool start up." - Consulting Client

"The owners' dedication to bringing BIPOC into the forest school space is also admirable, and something I feel merits a separate acknowledgment.  Historically, forest schools and outdoor activities have not held many people of color in their spaces, and thus, it can be a challenge for BIPOC to open such businesses or to even enroll our own children in such programs.  As a Latina, forest schools might have felt like a space I couldn't be a part of, but instead I feel very lucky to have found an inclusive space for me to learn the ropes of this new educational world.  Countless families in my community will now benefit from this effort to bring BIPOC to the forest school table. I cannot recommend Magnolia Forest Preschool more for your consulting needs!" - Consulting Client