Ages: 2.5-5 years old
School year: 2020-2021
Location: Kitsap Memorial State Park

Morning Class: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

  • 5 days - $600/month (M-F)
  • 3 days - $380/month (M/W/F)
  • 2 days - $275/month (T/Th)

Registration ($40) and Materials ($100) fees are due with application to secure your child’s spot.

Sibling & Military discounts available.

Registration begins February 1, 2020. Join the waitlist for priority spaces.


Ages: 2.5-5 years old
Location: Kitsap Memorial State Park
Times: 9:00-1:00         

  • Camp 1: July 6-9
  • Camp 2: July 13-16
  • Camp 3: July 20-23
  • Camp 4: July 27-30
  • Camp 5: August 3-6
  • Camp 6: August 10-13
  • Camp 7: August 17-20
  • Camp 8: August 24-27

Each Camp = $150
July or August Unlimited = $500/month

Camp t-shirt included!

Sibling and military discounts available.

Registration begins March 1, 2020. Join the waitlist for priority spaces.

Forest Preschool is an innovative educational approach to outdoor play and learning.

Through positive outdoor experiences, children are encouraged and inspired to participate in engaging, motivating, and achievable tasks in a woodland environment, where each child has an opportunity to develop intrinsic motivation, and keen emotional and social skills.

At forest preschool the children visit the same woodland on a regular basis and are given the freedom to play, opportunity to explore and learn about the natural environment, and support while learning how to handle risks, solve problems, and cooperate with their peers. Preschool runs all year, where children learn and play in the woods in all weathers: sun, rain, snow, warm and cold, (barring high winds or other extreme weather). As the forest is ever changing, each day brings new and different exploration opportunities. Children play, learn boundaries – both physical and social - grow in confidence, and become self-starters. Children in this environment learn that there are different ways of solving problems and they develop their critical thinking skills daily.

Children will become:

  • more self-aware
  • able to self-regulate
  • intrinsically motivated
  • empathetic
  • learn how to interact with adults and their peers
  • assert their independence
  • have a positive mental attitude, and self-esteem
  • given the opportunity to grow in confidence every day

Children, and indeed all of us, need time to thoroughly explore our thoughts, feelings and relationships. Children develop a deep understanding of their world, the environment, and everything within it. Through imagination and exploration, their world opens up to endless possibilities.

"Our daughter has flourished at Magnolia School. We can’t think of a better place for her to learn the value of treasuring her creativity and imagination, to discover her independence and confidence, and to develop in her ability to connect and build relationships. That she loves her teachers, and can’t wait for her school days because they’re so much fun, is icing on the cake.”
— NN & AN
"My son was one of Brandyn's first students; I can't begin to describe the profound impact she has had on his developmental growth. A once shy child who preferred a seat on the sidelines is now engaging in group activities and has created meaningful relationships with his peers."
— JS
"It was with open arms that Jenny opened her class to my two-year-old daughter; expressing the importance of mixed aged cohorts and explaining she would be an asset to the program. My daughter is thriving and absolutely in love with her teachers and friends at Magnolia Preschool."
— JS
"I cannot say enough good things about what Magnolia has meant to my son and how richly it has enhanced his learning and development! Getting to encounter various forms of art and engaging in their expression has boosted his creativity and has connected deeply with his heart."
— JB

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We would love to meet you! On Tuesdays, we often invite families to come visit. You can meet the teachers, check out the facilities and get a taste for the Magnolia Forest School experience. Schedule your visit today!

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Forest school can be the perfect fit for so many children because it is uniquely tailored to support their strengths and interests. We look forward to connecting with you and your child further. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and hope to see you in the forest soon!

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