Forest Adventures
K-5th Grade

Our mission

At Magnolia, we are driven to inspire the next generation of critical thinkers through immersive outdoor adventures. Guided by their unique interests and curiosities, our students grow to be resilient, self-aware problem solvers. Utilizing the power of our natural world to instill wonder, curiosity, and self discovery, we provide a safe space and purposeful guidance as students explore their interests, their relationships with their peers, and the world around them.


FALL SERIES 2020: Details TBD

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Encouraging Adventure

Armed with a whistle, a notebook, and something to write with, our students are immersed in some of the most inspiring and accessible natural spaces on the Olympic Peninsula. This immersion has one goal: to encourage adventure. This is not your typical, thrill seeking sense of the word (although this will be inevitable), but the type of adventure that leads to discovery.

Discovery & Wonder

Guided by an amazing teaching staff, and surrounded by their peers, our students discover things that make them wonder. This wonder is instrumental in encouraging our students' drive to want to learn and is brought out in amazing ways while adventuring in our natural world.

Fostering Connections

As the adventure series progresses, and our understanding of each student’s interests and needs increases, our staff are able to identify and encourage more in-depth explorations for each student. We are here to help them wonder, and to navigate the environment we are in, not only in a physical sense, but also through an emotional, peer driven process. Students will come away with a greater sense of connection not only to their natural world, but to their peers with whom they have explored trip after trip.

Adventure leads to discovery, which leads to wonder, which leads to connection. This is what Magnolia Forest Adventures is all about.
 “Prepare your child for the path, not the path for your child.”
"Our daughter has flourished at Magnolia School. We can’t think of a better place for her to learn the value of treasuring her creativity and imagination, to discover her independence and confidence, and to develop in her ability to connect and build relationships. That she loves her teachers, and can’t wait for her school days because they’re so much fun, is icing on the cake.”
— NN & AN
"My son was one of Brandyn's first students; I can't begin to describe the profound impact she has had on his developmental growth. A once shy child who preferred a seat on the sidelines is now engaging in group activities and has created meaningful relationships with his peers."
— JS
"It was with open arms that Jenny opened her class to my two-year-old daughter; expressing the importance of mixed aged cohorts and explaining she would be an asset to the program. My daughter is thriving and absolutely in love with her teachers and friends at Magnolia Preschool."
— JS
"I cannot say enough good things about what Magnolia has meant to my son and how richly it has enhanced his learning and development! Getting to encounter various forms of art and engaging in their expression has boosted his creativity and has connected deeply with his heart."
— JB

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We would love to meet you! On Tuesdays, we often invite families to come visit. You can meet the teachers, check out the facilities and get a taste for the Magnolia Forest School experience. Schedule your visit today!

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Forest school can be the perfect fit for so many children because it is uniquely tailored to support their strengths and interests. We look forward to connecting with you and your child further. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and hope to see you in the forest soon!

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