The Silverwood Campus opened in 2020 and hosts two dynamic wooded spaces beyond the classrooms on Silverwood School (K-5th grade). Our unique outdoor spaces, the “Enchanted Forest” and “Fern Gully,” provide rich physical challenges and endless opportunities for friendship to thrive. Classes are approximately 18 children and 4 teachers. Our COVID precautions and procedures are concurrent with Washington Department of Health guidelines for outdoor preschools.



Campus Programs


At forest preschool the children visit the same woodland on a regular basis and are given the freedom to play, opportunity to explore and learn about the natural environment, and support while learning how to handle risks, solve problems, and cooperate with their peers. Preschool runs all year, where children learn and play in the woods in all weather: sun, rain, snow, warm and cold, (barring high winds or other extreme weather). As the forest is ever changing, each day brings new and different exploration opportunities. Children play, learn boundaries – both physical and social - grow in confidence, and become self-starters. Children in this environment learn that there are different ways of solving problems and they develop their critical thinking skills daily. Learn more about Magnolia's Forest Preschool program.

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Preschool Details

Ages: 2.5-5 years old

Location: Silverwood School

September 2020 - June 2021

  • Mon/Wed/Fri, 9:00-1:00, $450/month
  • Tues/Thurs, 9:00-1:00, $300/month

September 2021 - June 2022

  • Mon/Wed/Fri, 9:00-1:00, $450/month
  • Tues/Thurs, 9:00-1:00, $300/month
  • Mon-Fri, 9:00-1:00, $750/month

($40 registration and $100 materials fee due at registration)


Summer Camp

Summer camp is a great time to try out forest school and see if your child loves it as much as we do! We often begin registration for summer camps March 1. It is helpful if you contact us before then so we know you are interested and can give you priority on open spaces.

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Summer Camp Details

Ages: 2.5-5 years old

Location: Silverwood School

Time: 9:00-1:00       

July 5-August 27, 2021

Camp t-shirt included!

Enrollment is now open!


K-5th Grade

At Magnolia, we are driven to inspire the next generation of critical thinkers through immersive outdoor adventures. Guided by their unique interests and curiosities, our students grow to be resilient, self-aware problem solvers. Utilizing the power of our natural world to instill wonder, curiosity, and self discovery, we provide a safe space and purposeful guidance as students explore their interests, their relationships with their peers, and the world around them. Learn more about the Magnolia Adventure program.

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K-5th Grade Details

Ages: K-5th

Location: Salsbury Point Park, Poulsbo, WA

Schedule: Wednesdays and Fridays, 9:30-1:30

Weekly and Monthly series available, 2020-2021


Campus Director

Jenny Stokes

Campus Director

Jenny holds a Masters in Early Childhood and Curriculum and Instruction from Concordia University and a BFA in Art Education (PreK-12) from Baylor University. She began her teaching career 24 years ago in a small Arkansas town and has since taught ages preschool-college in Arkansas, Texas, and Washington States.  

Jenny is a fierce advocate for a child’s right to play and believes that a play-based program provides the best opportunity for young children to learn self-regulation, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. There is empirical evidence that shows that social-emotional development is the leading indicator of long-term school success and that is what informs her position as an educator.  Her goal is to graduate children from Magnolia who are not only successful academically, but who are empathetic and kind human beings.  She is a teacher first and believes that the outdoor environment is an ideal place for a child’s imagination to soar and relationships to flourish.

Jenny has two children, Jackson and Grace, and two stepsons, Connor and Sean. The oldest three are currently attending college and her daughter, Grace, is a recent high school graduate. Her husband, Bob, supplies her with constant love and laughter.


Campus Teachers

William Hutcheson

Fern Gully, Class Director

William graduated from Olympic College with a degree in Arts and Science. He has previously spent the last 15 years as a Martial Arts and Fitness Instructor, helping children as young as two in developing important social, behavior, and character development skills.

He believes in a hands-on learning approach and feels that there is no bigger motivation in learning than through having fun and making positive experiences. As a father and husband, William has been a member of our local Poulsbo community for many years.

Megan McKeown

Enchanted Forest, Lead Teacher

Megan is a recent graduate of the University of Vermont where she studied Environmental Studies and Dance. While in Vermont she spent the majority of her time exploring the beauty of New England and growing her passion for outdoor education and accessibility.

Her previous position was at a nonprofit organization that provides afterschool outdoor programming for youth in low income housing. She loves spending time outside watching little explorers learn about the world around them and express themselves.

Megan spent a week driving across the country and was in awe of the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. She can't wait to explore and grow with Magnolia this year!

Jackson Stokes

Enchanted Forest, Lead Teacher

Holly Rogers

Fern Gully, Lead Teacher

Holly graduated from Washington State University in 2012 with two degrees, one in Philosophy and the other in Human Development with an emphasis in Family Studies. She enjoyed her time in Pullman, WA immensely and even met her husband, Cody, there. Born and raised in western Washington though, she has always been drawn back to the mountains and the trees.

Holly’s professional background includes roles in both childcare and ministry, as a Teacher and Project Manager. She took time off to stay home with her two children, Luke and Riley, but felt the desire to return to meaningful, community-based work outside the home. Magnolia was the perfect fit!

Holly is excited to join the Magnolia team after watching her oldest son’s growth in the program last year. She has seen firsthand the benefits of outdoor education and Magnolia’s play-based mode. She can’t wait to share that magic with all the new and returning families this year.

Taylor Danger

Fern Gully, Lead Teacher

Born and raised in small-town Iowa, Taylor has always been fascinated by the ability of the environment to influence how we develop, think, and feel. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture with a minor in psychology and a Master of Landscape Architecture with an emphasis on environmental psychology and risky play, both from Iowa State University. She is a member of the International Play Association, the United States Play Coalition, and the Washington Nature Preschool Association.

Taylor has spent much of her life working with children, and she strives to continue to see the world with the wonder and joy of a child. She loves to climb, play, and spend time in nature, is a passionate musician, and starts every day with a strong cup of coffee and a song.

Angela Reed

Enchanted Forest & Adventures Assistant Teacher

Angela graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Zoology and a music minor. Her years in veterinary medicine and wildlife rehabilitation satisfied her love of science, nature and caretaking. When she accepted a teaching position in her daughter’s toddler class, she fell in love with early childhood education.

Angela started as a “Science Days” docent at Magnolia, and felt inspired by the children’s imagination and cooperation. She values making connections with the kids and watching them have “light bulb” moments.

Her spare time is spent paddleboarding, playing music, making amigurumi, gardening and of course, playing outside with her family. Angela is looking forward to more discoveries in the forest with the children of Magnolia.

Becky Baracco

Fern Gully, Assistant Teacher

Becky graduated from Northern Arizona University, with a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Studies, where she developed her passion for local food sustainability, community development, and conscious living. Through these experiences, she has nurtured her love and connection with nature.

She has always had a heartfelt desire to work with children. It fills her heart to watch them express their True Self and grow their understanding through creative, outdoor play. Her goal is to offer loving-kindness and compassion to children along their path to inspire more confidence and hope for the future.

Becky has just moved to Washington from Arizona and is curious to explore this next part of her journey!

Katie Leigh Cirianni-Jones

Enchanted Forest, Assistant Teacher

Katie Leigh graduated with a degree in Herbal Science from Bastyr University. She has also been a summer camp counselor and early childhood lead teacher at the Waldorf school which she attended for many years. She believes in allowing children to have ample opportunity for play and exploration. In her free time, Katie Leigh enjoys reading, painting, hiking, and gardening.

She is excited to blend two of her passions together at Magnolia by helping children develop a deep connection with nature and maintain a reverence for the natural world of plants.

Jonah Kilpatrick

Fern Gully, Assistant Teacher

Jonah is a Junior working towards a degree in Strategic Communication through Liberty University. He brings his experience working at various summer camps and as an AWANA leader. In his free time he enjoys reading, hiking, and collecting comics.

Jonah has a love for science and is excited to re-discover the world through the children's eyes. He is looking forward to joining the Magnolia team.

Find Magnolia Forest School Near You!

At six unique campuses across Sequim, Edmonds, and Poulsbo, Washington, Magnolia children learn rain and shine. Preschool (ages 2.5-5) and Adventure (K-5th grade) programs meet September through June. We welcome lots of new friends at our summer camps, too!

“In the safety and freedom of the woods, [my child’s] little voice started asking for things she needed – and getting those needs met. Through climbing, exploring the natural world around her, her confidence grew. Magnolia’s style makes room for that.”
“One of the biggest leaps has been [my child’s] ability to communicate her emotions. Instead of endless tantrums or guessing games, [my child] has been able to clearly tell me what she’s feeling. Being able to identify a feeling is one of the first steps to working through it for her. This is a big deal in our everyday life, and I believe it’s truly added to her life in a dynamic manner. At Magnolia, I know I have a group of other caring adults in her life to help her learn to trust herself and others, during those difficult life moments.”
“ We look forward to the year, as well as the adventures of the K-8th program to follow. I want [my child] to continue to grow and learn to trust herself and grow into a confident child, and eventually young woman, with respect for life, others and the world around her. Those values are echoed by this school as well. Having the freedom to be 100% herself in a safe environment as she discovers who she is priceless.”
“Now, as a first time parent, I’ll admit, I had my doubts when it came to the theory behind child-lead learning, but I’m now sold on it. The confidence gained by learning to climb a rock transfers over to facing new learning milestones, like counting. [My child’s] imagination is free to expand with simple tools and toys, friends, fresh air, and the occasional snow ball. Imagination is the mother of invention. [My child] knows School is a safe place to make mistakes, explore, and grow.”
“I cannot say enough how much my child has grown since school started in September! She went from crying at drop off and clinging to a teacher, to confidently walking to a teacher at the start of a school day and strutting back at pick up.”
“[My child] has great stamina! Before Magnolia she wouldn’t walk very far and now she is able to hike up to 3 miles! She also has a longer attention span. She will stick with a task for 45 min or an hour. Again, before school she would flit from activity to activity.”

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