Pine Ridge

At the Pine Ridge Campus children have daily adventures on the trails and open spaces tucked away in the upland area of the park. The environment at Pine Ridge makes every day unique and gives children a special connection to the rich flora and fauna that live at “their school.” Children develop physical strength and problem solving skills through explorations and lots of open space to play. Each class consists of approximately 18 students and 4 teachers. Our COVID precautions and procedures are concurrent with Washington Department of Health guidelines for outdoor preschools.


Pine Ridge

Campus Programs


At forest preschool the children visit the same woodland on a regular basis and are given the freedom to play, opportunity to explore and learn about the natural environment, and support while learning how to handle risks, solve problems, and cooperate with their peers. Preschool runs all year, where children learn and play in the woods in all weather: sun, rain, snow, warm and cold, (barring high winds or other extreme weather). As the forest is ever changing, each day brings new and different exploration opportunities. Children play, learn boundaries – both physical and social - grow in confidence, and become self-starters. Children in this environment learn that there are different ways of solving problems and they develop their critical thinking skills daily. Learn more about Magnolia's Forest Preschool program.

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Preschool Details

Pine Ridge Park, Edmonds, WA


2.5-5 years old

September 2020 - June 2021

  • Mon/Wed/Fri, 8:30-12:30, $450/month
  • Tues/Thurs, 8:30-12:30, $300/month

September 2021 - June 2022
We are moving to Pine Ridge Park

  • Mon/Wed/Fri, 8:30-12:30, $450/month
  • Tues/Thurs, 8:30-12:30, $300/month
  • Mon-Fri, 8:30-12:30, $750/month

($40 registration and $100 materials fee due at registration)


Summer Camp

Summer camp is a great time to try out forest school and see if your child loves it as much as we do! We often begin registration for summer camps March 1. It is helpful if you contact us before then so we know you are interested and can give you priority on open spaces.

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Summer Camp Details

Ages: 2.5-5 years old

Pine Ridge Park, Edmonds, WA

Time: 8:30-12:30    

July 5-August 27, 2021

Camp t-shirt included!

Enrollment is now open!


K-5th Grade

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K-5th Grade Details


Campus Director

Elliot Hollis

Campus Director

Elliot studied Outdoor Recreation at Western Washington University and completed a year-long, intensive-study program through the National Outdoor Leadership School in which they honed their skills in outdoor education through place-based learning and built on their foundation of environmental ethics. Their love of nature has continually grown with their experience leading backpacking trips for teens in many of the midwest's and Canada's national parks. After spending a summer camping throughout the southwest US with her wife of 7 years, Elliot became more focused in their passion to preserve natural spaces and ensure they are accessible to everyone for years to come.

Elliot has spent the last 5 years as a competitive team gymnastics coach - mentoring athletes and empowering children to build a strong foundation of life skills such as determination and perseverance through creative expression. She loved helping her gymnasts find their joy through sport and take pride in their accomplishments.

One of Elliot's favorite moments is watching a child work something out and experience that light-bulb moment when something new finally clicks. They are excited to bring children into nature's classroom where play is such an important part of that journey into understanding their world. She looks forward to facilitating a space where children can develop into compassionate critical thinkers who are equipped to confidently tackle their future and find their own voice and sense of self.  

Pine Ridge

Campus Teachers

Scarlett Hackney

Lead Teacher

Scarlett is from Gaithersburg, MD and earned her Bachelor’s from the University of Maryland Baltimore County with a focus on philosophy and applied ethics. While working at her first preschool, she earned certification in Early Childhood Education. As a former Girl Scout, she always found joy in the woodland areas of her home and has sought to bring the same sense of wonder and adventure to young children. She believes that early exposure to nature and the freedom to play can help to foster confidence, resilience, and cooperation that will carry a child through to adulthood.

Before moving to Washington, Scarlett was a pet sitter in Georgia. She loved helping pet parents have peace of mind in her daily visits and looking after all kinds of animals, from dogs to turtles. When she wasn’t working, she traveled to historic sites in the Southern US and abroad, including Japan and the UK. Outside of her love of animals and travelling, Scarlett is an enthusiastic reader, artist, and crafter.

Scarlett has been in Washington for almost a year now and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. She has settled in happily with her wife of 3 years, her roommate, and six rescued cats and enjoys every moment she can get out of doors, rain or shine.

Jasmine Powell

Assistant Teacher

Jasmine has a vivacity and passion for the outdoors and a pursuit for uniting others to embark on new adventures. She can often be found trekking almost anywhere with her camera in hand, capturing the beauty to inspire others to embark on their journey in the great outdoors.

Jasmine is currently earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Grand Canyon University (GCU). Jasmine has worked for a local outreach ministry called Canyon Kids at GCU, inviting the neighborhood kids to a safe, fun and outdoor setting to allow their parents enough time to work or take care of any errands. She worked three years in the amusement park industry which has helped steer her interests in a career of bringing happiness to the children and their families. She volunteered in the children’s ministry at her church from infants to high school for summer camps and weekly Sunday services.

Dylan Manderlink

Assistant Teacher

Dylan graduated from Emerson College in Boston, MA in 2014 with her BA in a self-designed major, Investigative Theatre for Social Change. It was through her fine arts major and extra-curricular involvement with local causes that she realized how powerful and empowering the intersection of the arts, education, and the environment can be. After graduating, Dylan moved to rural northeastern Arkansas to serve as a corps member through the national public service program, Teach for America. Dylan partnered with local state parks to incorporate environmental awareness and outdoor education into her curriculum. She found she was happiest and most fulfilled when exploring the outdoors alongside her students and facilitating their experience in nature.

Dylan left the traditional indoor classroom in May of 2017 to pursue a career in the outdoor industry. For nearly two years, Dylan worked as a Group Lead at a wilderness therapy company in central Utah. This past summer, Dylan worked at a remote lodge and resort near the boundary waters of Minnesota and took up some new outdoor hobbies like canoeing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding.
Dylan is new to Washington and is very excited to support and promote Magnolia Forest Preschool's play-based forest school curriculum.

Robin Hendricks

Substitute Teacher

Robin is a native “Washingtonian”, born and raised in Edmonds. She spent many summers as a kid swimming at Yost park, exploring the woods, and riding through Edmonds on her bike. She graduated from San Diego State University in 2010 and was a four-year college athlete on the crew team. She spent several years after college working at a camp and retreat center on Vashon Island and traveling and hiking different parts of the world, including New Zealand.

Robin has worked with preschoolers, including King’s Preschool, and has nannied for several families with younger children. She was the Children’s Director at Mosaic Community Church of Edmonds for three years. Robin loves to explore and see the world through the eyes of kids. They are so fascinated by the simple things in nature that oftentimes are overlooked by adults.

Robin and her husband Tyler live in Lake Forest Park, have a giant dog named Behr, and two pet ducks that roam their backyard.

Find Magnolia Forest School Near You!

At six unique campuses across Sequim, Edmonds, and Poulsbo, Washington, Magnolia children learn rain and shine. Preschool (ages 2.5-5) and Adventure (K-5th grade) programs meet September through June. We welcome lots of new friends at our summer camps, too!

“In the safety and freedom of the woods, [my child’s] little voice started asking for things she needed – and getting those needs met. Through climbing, exploring the natural world around her, her confidence grew. Magnolia’s style makes room for that.”
“One of the biggest leaps has been [my child’s] ability to communicate her emotions. Instead of endless tantrums or guessing games, [my child] has been able to clearly tell me what she’s feeling. Being able to identify a feeling is one of the first steps to working through it for her. This is a big deal in our everyday life, and I believe it’s truly added to her life in a dynamic manner. At Magnolia, I know I have a group of other caring adults in her life to help her learn to trust herself and others, during those difficult life moments.”
“ We look forward to the year, as well as the adventures of the K-8th program to follow. I want [my child] to continue to grow and learn to trust herself and grow into a confident child, and eventually young woman, with respect for life, others and the world around her. Those values are echoed by this school as well. Having the freedom to be 100% herself in a safe environment as she discovers who she is priceless.”
“Now, as a first time parent, I’ll admit, I had my doubts when it came to the theory behind child-lead learning, but I’m now sold on it. The confidence gained by learning to climb a rock transfers over to facing new learning milestones, like counting. [My child’s] imagination is free to expand with simple tools and toys, friends, fresh air, and the occasional snow ball. Imagination is the mother of invention. [My child] knows School is a safe place to make mistakes, explore, and grow.”
“I cannot say enough how much my child has grown since school started in September! She went from crying at drop off and clinging to a teacher, to confidently walking to a teacher at the start of a school day and strutting back at pick up.”
“[My child] has great stamina! Before Magnolia she wouldn’t walk very far and now she is able to hike up to 3 miles! She also has a longer attention span. She will stick with a task for 45 min or an hour. Again, before school she would flit from activity to activity.”

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